Green Professional Nail Polish Review

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Where reds, pinks and neutrals were once the it nail colors, black, blue, purple, and even green nail lacquer are taking center stage not to mention colors that glitter and sparkle! In the last couple of decades, green nail polish was worn only at Christmas time as a festive way to bring in the holidays. Today, green nail polish is making a splash on the beauty scene and taking the world by storm!

Seriously! Haven t you noticed green polish is a hip and happening commodity on today’s international fashion scene? Chanel models, singers Rhianna and Katy Perry and even the Kardashian sisters are just a few fashionistas who have been spotted with green nails. Everybody’s doing it green nail polish is being worn on runways from Paris to New York; celebs are wearing green nail polish on magazine covers and Hollywood glam girls are wearing it in music videos! In other words, green polish has been given the green light, and its a go.

Beauty experts are saying that green nail enamel is one of the hottest beauty trends of the year, although most of them don’t realize that green was worn on the fingernail as early as 1932. When colored nail polish made its debut on the U.S. market in the thirties, green polish was depicted on posters.

Its incredible when you see what a diverse color green really is. The shade, which is made by combining yellow and blue, comes in colors everywhere from neon green to mint green to forest green. You can even find green metallic shades and green glitter-based polish. Green represents power, fortune and new beginnings.

Green nail lacquer can be rocked with almost every outfit, it is multi-seasonal and goes with every color and style. Green goes with browns, blacks, pinks, neutrals, blues just use your imagination! Green is perfect for every occasion and when you sport this expressive hue on your fingertips, you’re sure to make a bold statement! Whether you want to lounge or go formal, green polish is a phenomenal nail color choice.

Of course, to maximize the beauty of a green shade you choose for your finger and toe mails, you should maintain five-star upkeep on your hands and feet. Your unique style, finesse and flair will be best expressed by hands, nails and feet that are properly maintained and manicured at all times. Nothing says “ick” faster than unsightly nails! Don’t bite your nails and make sure they’re never dirty and they don’t get overgrown.

Keep in mind that green nail polish looks best on shorter, well-kept nails, especially square-shaped. As with most colored lacquers, nails any longer than a sporty length don’t look always good. Long nails painted with bold colors can be a little too over the top and end up looking like claws! See our full selection of Green Nail Polish.

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