The Era of Destination Weddings

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So, the love of your life has popped you the big question with that dreamy Harry Winston engagement ring. And then, you gave your biggest “Yes!” with all the love and excitement in your heart; in a few words, you’re getting married. And surely, your next step is to plan your dream wedding—your very own destination wedding.

So what then is a destination wedding? This revolutionary pair of words from the wedding industry means combining the wedding reception, honeymoon, wedding ceremony itself, and every wedding activity designed to bring the revelers, together in one perfect location that the wedding couple have always wanted. Simply put, destination wedding means taking your wedding outdoors and embracing the serene ambiance that nature has to offer. A destination wedding is usually held in an extremely vacation-worthy location like the beach or a garden outside your hometown, where guests can spend a really great time with the wedding couple and the rest of the guests. Usually, destination weddings happen on a long-weekend.

The destination wedding is designed to keep the number of guests on track, which means getting the real headcount of who’s going to attend your wedding and not having to deal with unwanted guests that might crash into your reception on your big day if your wedding was in your area. Furthermore, since most guests often travel miles in order to get into the wedding reception, wedding organizers innovated destination weddings to give your guests a worthy and lavishing vacation from their busy lives. It gives you and your relatives and in-laws a couple of days to reconnect and build good relationships that will last a lifetime, rather than just spending five to seven hours with them in the banquet room —that’s hitting several birds in one stone. Plus, the pristine atmosphere of nature will give you and your guests an unforgettable wedding experience.

If you are asking for the benefits of having a destination wedding, here they are. For practicality reasons, it’s cheaper. The etiquette of the destination wedding says that your guests are the ones who should pay for their own airfares. If you’re living in New York, a day’s wedding for a 100-150 guests would cost you bucks that’s really gonna hurt your pocket, whereas a four-day wedding in Jamaica with your closest friends and relatives is way much cheaper.Practicality doesn’t always translate to sacrificing the quality of experience that you deserve to have on your big day, destination weddings have a wide range of choices of destinations that suit your budget and your classy taste. Moreover, a destination wedding allows you to focus on relaxing instead of cramming. With it, you have every second of the clock to taste the sweetness of your wedding weekend because you’ve got no flights to catch up on the following day and no reasons to rush things up since your honeymoon is also on the same location.

Destination weddings are perfect for families that are scattered across the globe. Since majority of your guests have to travel to your hometown to witness your wedding day, you might as well put their traveling into use, make your wedding day a vacation getaway for you and your family. Who knows, they might consider your wedding the most romantic among their experiences just because you opted for a destination wedding.

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